Friday, August 6, 2010

Paralysis of Analysis

When you own your own business, you're always thinking about it but you really don't mind. But I've noticed that about every 7-10 days, I get overwhelmed with all the to-dos that I freeze up and get paralysis of analysis. Or I find myself focusing all of my attention on one particularly brainless thing like Facebook or Twitter which is probably a coping mechanism until my brain unravels.

To-do lists are a great help. I keep one on my Outlook calendar that works nicely, and it's great to see the tasks completed, although I'm noticing that my list never shrinks. If anything, the more items I complete, the more my list grows, which certainly seems counter-intuitive. It's because there's always more to be done in the small business world of wearing multiple hats.

I had forgotten how invigorating owning a business can be. It fills you up. You are filled with passion and so glad to be moving forward doing your own thing. Yet, I'd forgotten about how other emotions come into play...emotions I don't really want to have in my life. Fear. Uncertainty. Anxiety.

I hate to second-guess myself, but I find myself doing that more now that I'm a small business owner. Co-workers don't exist to bounce ideas off of, and you probably care a lot more now that it's your own gig. So I rely on my vendors, my mentors, my family, my friends to pick me up when I get scared and overwhelmed. And they do!

Just when you hear the last bit of negativity or hit a lull or think you can't go any further, you get a beautiful and heartfelt facebook post like this from a close friend:

"WOW - I just tooled around HMA and was super impressed! You are doing an awesome job!! Stay focused on your divine ability to attract all that's great! All the very warmest love to you..."

That's what keeps me going. Those perfect moments that inspire. I love my friends and family and facebook fans. Thank you for all your support that really means the world to me.

I can't imagine doing this trek all alone. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and blessed by the people in my life.

Oh...and massages help too, as always. ;)